Part 1: Consultation, Interview and Feedback


  1. What skill sets and resources are you bringing to the table and what are you getting into by working with me?
  2. What are your ideal personal material/financial/career outcomes?
  3. What would you make better in the world?
  4. How are you going to reach your goals through working with BPM?

Things that sound like they are working well and potential misconceptions and/or setbacks. Suggestions for next steps.


Part 2: Perform Exercises to Compile Portfolio on the Following:

1) Field awareness

-Self awareness

2) Strategical theory


3) Networking

-Self improvement

4) Advertisement Copy


5) Constituency Needs

-Personal Goals



Part 3: Launch Campaigns Using These Steps:

1. Identify targets and catalysts
2. Create or find appropriate contexts (events)
3. Propagate truth
4. Improve individuals community world
5. Capture shifts in funds
6. Create culture in which you are a part of the mythos
7. Set up sustainable infrastructure